At $3.45 per day, Electricity is an Unmatched Bargain

If there is one issue in the electric industry that gets more attention than all of the others it is the electric rates we all pay. Any electric rate increase will certainly be followed with a collective groan from ratepayers, myself included. Nobody likes to see their utility bill increase, but as rates inevitably go [...]

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Understanding Net Metering

Understanding Net Metering The Basics The concept of electrical net metering is simple. First you need a customer-generator that has a generation resource such as a wind generator or solar panels and then you need to have them interconnected to their local electric provider—a distribution utility. If electrical generation by an individual customer-generator exceeds that [...]

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Rural Electric Systems Bring Your Voice to Representatives

There are many benefits to Nebraska’s all-public power model, but did you know that you and your rural electric utility also have a voice in the Nebraska Legislature? Thirty-three rural electric public power districts and electric cooperatives from across the state comprise the membership of the Nebraska Rural Electric Association (NREA).  The NREA represents our [...]

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Do I know My Power District…Not Really, Introduce Me

            Public power ensures that every citizen of Nebraska has access to reliable electric service at a reasonable price.  From a business standpoint, given the rural nature of our state, this is an amazing feat.  In fact, the Rural Electrification Act has been called the most successful governmental program of all time.             Nebraska residents [...]

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Guest Blog: Reducing Your Risk- Cyber Security

           Innovation is key in progressing any business or industry, and ours in not any different.  Imagine a day when every pole has a device that can detect if it is about to fail, or systems that can self-heal the grid, and minimize outages when a storm does occur.  Imagine a day when the technology [...]

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Public Power, Good for Business

Local control, not-for-profit, and reliable service are the hallmarks of our public power model.  It’s local people serving local consumers, and it works.  Beyond the electric rates that you and I pay for residential service each month, public power also has an important impact on the states business economy.  Public power delivers low-cost and reliable [...]

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Electricity, What a Bargain!

The $30 I spent this week on Halloween candy was a reminder of how it seems like the cost of everything around me is going up.  My willingness to spend so much on candy has me questioning my priorities as I look at my electric utility bill.  The $3.60 the average Nebraskan spends per day [...]

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How Long Can You Go Without Electricity?

  Last month the Nebraska Rural Electric Association participated in a table-top exercise looking at how Nebraska would deal with a long-term power outage.  I found the exercise to be extremely interesting.  After only a few days without electricity, depending on the season of the year, access to food, water and fuel quickly become a [...]

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Is Public Power That Great?

This month’s Working for Nebraska video features individuals letting us know that they think public power is great.  Do you agree?  As I watch the video I have to admit that this is a question I have not given a whole lot of thought to.  With family events, work deadlines, and bills to pay, thoughts [...]

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Celebrate April 10th as Lineman Appreciation Day

The Nebraska Rural Electric Association is proud to recognize Monday, April 10th as National Lineman Appreciation Day. This national day of recognition allows us to further honor the men and women who work to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of electricity throughout the state. Our state’s 1,350 lineworkers are dedicated to serving Nebraskans. Whether they [...]

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