Local control, not-for-profit, and reliable service are the hallmarks of our public power model.  It’s local people serving local consumers, and it works.  Beyond the electric rates that you and I pay for residential service each month, public power also has an important impact on the states business economy.  Public power delivers low-cost and reliable service which may often go unnoticed but can have huge implications for any company looking to locate in our great state.  Businesses use a lot of electricity.  Whether you are melting steel in Norfolk or pumping water on a farm, your electric bill is an import input cost to your business and can greatly impact your bottom line. 


This month’s video highlights a very interesting company that has made the decision, after searching nationwide, to locate in Nebraska.  Monolith chose to locate in Nebraska because we have low electric rates and very reliable service.  This company will use an immense amount of electricity to produce carbon black.  They need reliable electric service and they need a lot of electricity.  As a byproduct of their manufacturing process, Monolith will produce hydrogen.  This hydrogen will be sold to NPPD and used to generate carbon-free electricity at Sheldon Station power plant.  Over time, the Monolith project has the potential to create 600 jobs for Nebraskans!  Consider the economic benefits this will provide to our state. 


The state’s public power utilities are dedicated to serving Nebraskans and committed to providing reliable and affordable electric service around the clock to businesses, industries, farmers, ranchers, and the individuals who know us as their friends and neighbors.  We hope you enjoy our new video, and see it as one of many examples of how public power benefits our state.