NREA’s youth programs have had a dramatic impact on the lives of many young Nebraskans over the past 50 years. This month we thought it would be fun to share with our readers some comments these students have shared with us about their experience.


“I have always had a sort of apathy towards our nation’s government and I never took an active role in learning about it. This trip to Washington D.C. changed that all. Our nation’s government is a complex system that has a sort of chaotic order to it that is fascinating. My favorite place for the week is hard to choose from all the AMAZING places we went and all the SPECTACULAR things we saw. I have decided on the Lincoln Memorial as my favorite place for a few reasons. As a kid I always thought that he was a great person besides his presidency and being a general. He embodied everything that I was taught as a child as far as virtues and things like that. I am so glad I was able to take this amazing opportunity and make the most of it.”–Marshall Dorr– Ambassador for the NREA


Michael McCarthy–“This trip was a life changing expeirence…..going to the energy camp and getting to come back to Washington is one of the best choices I have made. Everything here was great….I would come back in a heartbeat. But my most favorite part is……. well there is no just one favorite part. Everything is amazing! I was sponsered by Stanton Public Power District.”


“Coming to Washington D.C. has been the best learning experience that I could ever ask for. Seeing this city in full perspective is completely different than looking into the pages of a text book or on seeing pictures on the web. It would be impossible to narrow down one moment of this trip as my ‘favorite’ part. However, visiting the Holocaust Museum and walking through Pennsylvania Avenue was truly amazing for me. Also, I was impressed with the senators and congressmen that I met here; I was not aware that the opinions of teenagers was this important to them. I would encourage anyone to visit and one day hope to come back for a review.”–Nanette Heimes: Ambassador of NREA


“Though this is my third trip to Washington D.C., this was by far the best experience I have ever had. The chances I was given and the experience I had would only be possible on this trip with the two amazing tour guides I had! I enjoyed every minute of the trip. Even though it was my third trip, I still learned tons. With this program I competed in the YLC program, and will be representing the state of Nebraska at YLC this summer and spring. I would like to thank my sponsor Northwest Rural Public Power District, and Kristen and James for an unforgettable experience! “–Tosha Skinner: Sponsored by Northwest Rural Public Power District