Public power ensures that every citizen of Nebraska has access to reliable electric service at a reasonable price.  From a business standpoint, given the rural nature of our state, this is an amazing feat.  In fact, the Rural Electrification Act has been called the most successful governmental program of all time.

            Nebraska residents have reliable electricity with some of the lowest rates in the nation. In addition, control of this public asset is maintained at the local level. Local people, making decisions on behalf of their neighbors. That’s what public power is about in Nebraska.

            With such a great benefit only a light switch away, this month’s Working for Nebraska video asks “How well do you really know your power district?” It’s an interesting question because I have worked in this industry more than 10 years and it is my impression that the average Nebraskan doesn’t give their power district much thought at all.  We pay our bill and don’t give our power supply a second thought, unless there is an outage of course. 

            Affordability, local control, public access… these are the hallmarks of public power and something that we should appreciate.  I don’t attend my power districts board meetings, but it is important that I can.  I don’t know all of the board members on my power district’s board of directors, but I know my board members and I see him often. 

            Nebraska’s public power system has many inherent benefits. These benefits should be celebrated.  Watch our new video and share it with other Nebraskans.  I want everyone to know what a benefit public power has been for our great state.