The Nebraska Rural Electric Association is proud to recognize Monday, April 8th as National Lineworker Appreciation Day. This national day of recognition allows us to further honor the men and women who work to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of electricity throughout the state.

Our state’s 1,350 lineworkers are dedicated to serving Nebraskans. Whether they are climbing 35 foot poles, restoring power, or clearing tree limbs to prevent future outages, lineworkers must be ready to respond at a moment’s notice. When adverse weather conditions force most of us indoors, lineworkers are heading out to keep the lights on. They are committed to ensuring utilities across the state provide reliable and affordable electric service around the clock to businesses, industries, farmers, ranchers, and the individuals who know us as their friends and neighbors.

If you experience an outage, take a moment to appreciate what these men and women do for a living.  Remember that while you have been inconvenienced, these lineworkers were just called in to work. If you have a chance, you might thank the men and women who work long hours to keep power flowing to our homes each and every day.