Electricity is One of the Few Great Bargains Left

Low electric rates benefit all Nebraskans. Here, a homeowner can meet all of their electric needs for about $3.45 per day. This is less than the cost of a drive-thru meal to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, your lights on, and your appliances running. Nation-wide, Nebraska’s electric rates are 20 percent below the national average, and we rank in the top 15 among all states for the lowest electric rates.

At a time when prices on everything are climbing, public power remains a great value for Nebraskans. In fact, since 1936 electric rates in Nebraska have only gone up five cents per kilowatt hour on average.

Just one nickel’s change since the Great Depression and the beginning of the Rural Electrification Program which brought electricity to Nebraska’s most rural areas. Infrastructure upgrades, rising fuel prices, and federal regulation are all driving forces in increasing electric rates. To keep rates as low as possible, rural public power providers work diligently to keep overhead costs at a minimum. In fact, Nebraska’s rural electric systems employ just one individual for every 239 customers. Nearly 70 percent of your electric bill is the wholesale cost of power to rural power districts. This means the delivery of electricity and all of the work necessary to keep your lights on only makes up about 30 percent of your monthly charges.

As not-for-profit electric utilities, Nebraska’s rural electric systems hold a distinct competitive advantage among other states when it comes to the rates you pay for electric service. Our rates are cost-based, there are no profits built into your electric bill. There are no out-of-state profit-seeking shareholders making decisions about the rates you will pay for electricity. We answer to you. Our focus is simply delivering an affordable and reliable product safely to you, period. Nebraska’s public power model has served us well, and the value of public power is apparent in every small town across the state. From the jobs provided and taxes paid to the rural economy to the community service projects our rural electric member-systems perform;

Nebraska’s rural electric member-systems truly are Working for Nebraska. Let’s keep it that way.