Rural Electric Systems are…Working for Nebraska

Affordable and reliable energy is vital to Nebraska families and businesses.

Tell the Environmental Protection Agency to stop
implementing costly new regulations!


Affordable electricity benefits all Nebraskans. At a time when prices on everything seem to be climbing, public power remains a great value for Nebraskans. In fact, since 1936 electric rates in Nebraska have only gone up five cents per kilowatt hour.
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Local Control

The decisions governing electric utilities are made by locally elected board members. There are no profit-driven shareholders making decisions that will ensure the greatest profits, only local individuals that receive the same level of service as their constituents.
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A reliable electric supply to our homes and businesses is a luxury we often take for granted. Unfortunately, we often don’t realize how important a reliable energy supply is to us until we have to go without it, like during a severe storm.
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Eco Friendly

Did you know that 30 percent of Nebraska’s electricity comes from non-carbon emitting resources? 
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Proposed EPA Rule: All Pain, No Gain?

When it comes to the EPA’s proposed rule on existing power generation, everyone seems to have an opinion.  The proposed change to Section 111d of the Clean Air Act is known as the Clean Energy Plan, with much of the EPA’s rhetoric speaking very positively about the propose rule and how the benefits to society […]
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Public Power, still a great value

Nebraska is the only 100 percent public power state in the country. The value proposition of public power is as valid today as it was in 1933, when the Legislature created this unique business model. Public power’s primary hallmark is local control. Nebraska’s electric utilities are governed by individuals locally elected or appointed who are […]
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